Admission to Santa Croce

On this page you can buy your ticket to the Santa Croce complex. Please note that for every Full-Price Family ticket you can add one Free Family ticket for children under the age of 18, selecting the quantity you need when you reach the payment section. Free Family tickets cannot be obtained separately from the purchase of at least one Full-Price Family ticket. They are valid for children under the age of 18 for a visit accompanied by at least one parent.

Admission to Santa Croce + Audio-guide

On this page you can buy your ticket to the Santa Croce complex plus the audio-guide. You can pick up your audio-guide at the ticket office and enrich the content of your visit to Santa Croce with a tour allowing you to explore of its masterpieces in considerable depth.

Admission to Santa Croce + Themed Tour

On this page you can buy your ticket to the Santa Croce complex plus a guided themed tour. Themed tours take place at the weekend, starting 3.00 pm Friday to Sunday, for groups of no more than 20 visitors. You can choose from three different art historical tours: Giotto, painter in Santa Croce and entrepreneur in Florence; The Power of Images: the message of Saint Francis; and Wealth and Poverty, bankers and saints.

Admission for Groups and Guides

This portal is reserved exclusively for authorised guides intending to purchase tickets for their customers. In compliance with the measures designed to contain the spread of COVID-19, groups must not exceed 20 people (plus the guide). One group is allowed into the complex every 15 minutes. Guides must use whisper radio guide systems for all groups of 6 people or more..

In line with government measures governing the reopening of cultural institutions, reservations are mandatory for all visitors at weekends, and in this initial phase of reopening to the public the booking fee for Santa Croce tours has been waived. Tickets will be put on sale on a weekly basis. In order to avail yourself of a concession or a free ticket, you must be able to produce valid ID attesting to your entitlement on entering the Santa Croce complex.
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